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"Get A Play" agency provides opportunities and information for basketball players to display their talents oversees. This organization applies a great deal into getting to know their players as well as finding suitable teams, that match their style of play. "Get A Play" takes pride in finding good leagues with great compe...

"... ich bin mehr als zufrieden über die Zusammenarbeit mit get a play!. Persönlich und vor allem ehrlich ist die individuelle Betreuung, welche ich hier erfahre. Keine Utopien, sondern realistische bzw. realisierbare Wuensche (nicht nur in finanzieller Hinsicht) werden offen, sehr detailliert besprochen und umgesetzt.  Immer wieder erkundigen sie sich um me...

"Getaplay is all about the best interest of their players! They work with you and for you to ensure you have the best experience. You won't find a more supportive and accessible group--they are family and treat all of their clients as such!" 


'Get a play!' is a great agency! They try everything to help you to be at the right time at the right spot with the right people! :-) If there are any problems they are always there for you! You feel like a part of a big basketball family! Thank you :-) " 


The cooperation with get a play! Is for me and our club a new experiance, which I realize as a very positive one. The collaboration is always reliable and trustworthy.
get a play! sets their heart and their fully dedication on meeting the requirements of both parties. This kind of support is unique and I can truelly recommend...

"In Get A Play I found an agency that entirely meets my expectations. They don't only try to find teams that challenge me basketball wise, they also match style of play and characters on a team to find an overall good fit. In that I see a good agency and I'm very happy to have met and signed with Get A Play when I first started out my professio...

"Signing with Get-A-Play Agency was a blessing from GOD at the right time.. As far as communcation, honesty, hard work, and how they care for their clients is way beyond expectations.. I have grown to believe in their professionlism, & how they go about being professionl.. They are serious about placing their clients in good situations and looking out for their b...

"Every since i signed with Get-a-Play they have been more than helpful. I love that they are honest and care about their players even after they are signed and with their team.
They always make an effort to try to see at least one game per season for all of their clients and give honest feedback to help us become better players. I feel safe with Get-a-Play...

After several years of cooperation I personally have only good experience dealing with this agency. They take perfect care of their players on an every-day basis.
As a coach I most of all appreciate the care with which the players are placed into teams where they can contribute, develope and grow as good as possible, therefor...

About us

What is get a play!

get a play! is an exciting, FIBA and WNBA certified sports management agency – FIBA license number 2009021679 - which is focused on professional women basketball.

Sieglinde Muth – CEO und FIBA Agent
mobile +49 171 20 60 56 4   email sieglinde.muth@getaplay.com

Guenther Muth – CEO
mobile +49 171 38 97 99 9   email guenther.muth@getaplay.com

Dr. Isabel Muth – Consultant, Certified WNBPA and Recruitment Agent
mobile +49 160 97512126   email isa.muth@getaplay.com


The team has built a solid partner network and can count on a good experience and a great understanding about professional women basketball. Based on those towers of strength – a solid partner network and well-founded knowledge – we and our partners know very well and have a solid understanding of what it takes to succeed in professional women’s basketball. Our knowledge about all the different leagues and the American College system, same as the intensive contacts to coaches, mangers and clubs enables us to help our players to succeed, make great experiences and to reach the aimed success in professional women basketball. And on the other side it enables us to perfectly meet the requirements of the clubs to fulfill their goals.

Your get a play! team


Dr. Isabel Muth – Consultant, Certified WNBPA and Recruitment Agent
mobile +49 160 97512126   email isa.muth@getaplay.com

Our Service
The welfare of our Players is our top priority!

Our primary focus is to represent professional female basketball players worldwide, to give them realistic advice and to promote them. To do so we work on finding the best suitable professional team for them, which complies with an according level and helps the player to reach the aimed professional goals. We accompany and support our players over the whole process. This includes to discuss and to plan each step of the career of the player, to develop by this a long-term and trustfully solid partnership. And it means also that, we are continuously in touch with our players, to know about all needs or concerns to be able to help and support.

We are proactive, which is the first step to your success!

The get a play team! recruits worldwide young talented female basketball players, same as experienced players on a high level and is characterized by a quick, flexible and thorough way of work. Over this way we enable the clubs to find the adequate and right players in a flexible and agile manner. Our “Best Fit Recruitment Program” harmonizes the individual requests and requirements of each, the players and the clubs and is an essential factor for a common success. Based on our proactive Recruitment Program we have a very good knowledge of our players. At the same time we know over a close and continuous monitoring of the leagues, we know the needs of the clubs and are able to respond to the club’s requirements efficiently and straightforward.

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