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GET A PLAY! is an exciting, FIBA and WNBA certified sports management agency – FIBA license number 2009021679  – which is focused on professional women basketball.

The agency was founded in 2009 and since the foundation the agency underlies a continuous development and advancement by Sieglinde and Guenther Muth.

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The welfare of our Players is our top priority!

Our primary focus is to represent professional female basketball players worldwide, to give them realistic advice and to promote them. To do so we work on finding the best suitable professional team for them, which complies with an according level and helps the player to reach the aimed professional goals. We accompany and support our players over the whole process. This includes to discuss and to plan each step of the career of the player, to develop by this a long-term and trustfully solid partnership. And it means also that, we are continuously in touch with our players, to know about all needs or concerns to be able to help and support.

Sieglinde Muth

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Our Team

The team has built a solid partner network and can count on a good experience and a great understanding about professional women basketball. Based on those towers of strength – a solid partner network and well-founded knowledge – we and our partners know very well and have a solid understanding of what it takes to succeed in professional women’s basketball.

Our knowledge about all the different leagues and the American College system, same as the intensive contacts to coaches, managers and clubs enables us to help our players to succeed, make great experiences and to reach the aimed success in professional women basketball. On the other side it enables us to perfectly meet the requirements of the clubs to fulfill their goals.